Titles Under Production
Titles of DVDs under production just released and soon to be released in
The LDS Fireside Lecture Series of
L. Douglas Waldorf
The Princess and The Scroll - In this LDS Fireside Talk you will follow the route traveled by the papyrus scroll containing the writings of Abraham, which was translated by Joseph Smith and is now found in the book of latter-day scripture known as the Pearl of Great Price, from the hands of the ancient prophet Abraham to the hands of the modern prophet Joseph Smith. Available October 2007
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Science and the Sacred Scriptures - Is There a Conflict?  -  A thought provoking LDS Fireside Talk based on the Holy Bible, ancient manuscripts discovered in Egypt, revelations received by the prophet Joseph Smith, the U.S. congressional Report on the possibility of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe along with published astronomical reports from Mt. Wilson, Mt. Palomar and Harvard Observatories.
Help from Beyond the Veil - Our divine heritage traced through the scriptures showing who we are, where we came from, why we are here and where we go after death.  This LDS Fireside Talk also includes numerous testimonies of the speaker, his family and other personal friends who have had special experiences while doing genealogical research.
The Wheat and The Tares - This LDS Fireside Talk will help Latter-day Saints reconcile and understand those who attack the Church by becoming better acquainted with the sacred scriptures.  Through an examination of the trials and experiences of the Savior and His Apostles, a person is better able to turn an attack into a stronger testimony of the truthfulness of the restored Gospel and the position of the Church in today's world. An Audio CD of this LDS Fireside is now available as of October 2007. 
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The History of the Church of Jesus Christ from Eternity to Eternity - The Church of Jesus Christ did not begin with the birth of a babe in Bethlehem, nor with the visit of an angel named Moroni, but eons of time ago in the councils of heaven.  The Gospel we have today is the same as was delivered to Adam in the Garden of Eden and to every other Prophet of God since then.  This LDS Fireside Talk traces the Church from the Council in Heaven through all seven dispensations and into the Celestial Kingdom.
Jesus Christ in His Native Land - Little known events in the life of Mary, Joseph, and the child Jesus, taken from old Jewish legends along with passages from the Lost Gospels make this LDS Fireside Talk especially stimulating.
The History of the Book of Mormon - This LDS Fireside Talk traces the development of The Book of Mormon from the plates of Laban to the new LDS edition of the Scriptures.  The history of the book from Mormon's abridgement throught the visit of Moroni to the Prophet Joseph Smith is covered in fascinating detail.  Obscure events incident to the translation and printing of the book by E. B. Grandin are brought to light in an interesting way.  This program helps everyone to a better understanding of this other witness of Jesus Christ.
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The Roanoak Series
Roanoak Indian Village Educational Series Productions:
DVDs featuring the details of village life (including cooking, housekeeping, tanning, clothes making, foods, pottery making, arrowmaking, and more) and the history of America's beginning, including the history of the Village of Roanoak and how the first English Explorers were received, welcomed, bathed, fed, and more, and the history of what caused the ill-will between the people of Roanoak and the English, as presented at Roanoak Island Historical Park, Roanoak Indian Village, are currently in production and will be available soon. 
"A DAY AT ROANOAK" - The story of how the English explorers were welcomed to the Village of Roanoak by the wife of Chief Granganameo in that day in August 1584, featuring exhibits from the reconstructed ROANOAK INDIAN VILLAGE at ROANOAK ISLAND HISTORICAL PARK near Manteo, NC from 1971 to 1978, and the journal entries of Captain Arthur Barlowe and Thomas Hariot as published by Captain John Smith in London in 1624.  Captain Arthur Barlowe described the Roanoaks as the most kind and loving people in the world.  Find out way. What the English were fed and what food items began at Roanoak that you partake of today.  See what a typical day in the village was like for the native people, and how graciously they welcomed their friends into their village that hot August evening.  You will see how the Englishmen were received, how they were fed, and what happened at the end of the day that left the people of Roanoak crying all night in the rain.  This day at Roanoak is recorded in the journals of Arthur Barlowe and Thomas Hariot as published in the general history of Virginia by Captian John Smith in 1624. "A DAY AT ROANOAK" is the first in the new Roanoak Series from Mark 4:22 Productions & Publications, Inc. Color*29 minutes 
*This production is not a product of Native Americans.*
"ROANOAK ARROW MAKING" - In “A Day at Roanoak” viewers have just a peek at some of the arrow making techniques of the people of the Village of Roanoak in 1584.  But there are other details to learn and questions that are raised and left unanswered, such as:  How did the Roanoaks make those stone arrowheads, and where did they get their flint? What kinds of tools did they use to shape those arrow points, and why did they use different sized antlers? And just how did they repair their arrow points when away from their tools in the village while they were out hunting?  How did they make the groove in the tomahawk head to better fit the wooden handle and how did they affix the handle to the stone head?  What items other than stone or flint did they use for arrow points besides the bill of an egret?  Was stone the only material used for knives?  Can a stone be razor sharp?   Well, you can learn the answers to these questions and other fascinating details of Roanoak arrow making as well as the making and use of other tools, from the arrow maker’s house of the Village of Roanoak in the new production “Roanoak Arrow Making”, another installment in the Roanoak Series, soon to be released.



"ROANOAK HUNTING & TANNING" - In “A Day at Roanoak” viewers have a brief view of life in the Village of Roanoak in 1584 as the people of the village tend to their daily chores that day in August When Captain Barlowe and his men first visited the village.  But in the upcoming installment in the Roanoak Series, viewers get a deeper look at the hunting and tanning methods of the Roanoaks.  You will find out just how the hunter camouflaged his body scent as he went out to hunt deer early in the morning, and just how close he could then get to a deer grazing in a field, as well as how the group hunt was organized. 

Do you know why the brain of the animal was needed when the hide was tanned?  And how is the animal’s hair simply washed away from the hide in the water of the sound?  Just what is the difference between rawhide and buckskin? 

How is buckskin colored, softened, and then made into their clothes, or blankets?  Hear all these fascinating details & much more in the production “Roanoak Hunting and Tanning”, coming soon!



"ROANOAK MUSIC & RELIGION" - While “A DAY AT ROANOAK”, the first in the ROANOAK SERIES, affords viewers just a glance at the musical instruments of the Roanoaks, and a very brief overview of their religion, the upcoming installment in the SERIES – “ROANOAK MUSIC AND RELIGION” will go much deeper into these two areas of Algonquin life as recorded by the English explorers during the 1584 subsequent expeditions.  See their different musical instruments and how they were made, the different types of rattles, drums, flutes and the different sounds they made. And did you know they could tell the weather by the sound of the drum?  Find out how.  Hear the stories they told Thomas Hariot “for news” about two men who had recently died and come back to life and what these two men told of their experience.  Find out about their priesthood, their sacred places, their reaction when Thomas Hariot showed them his book about God, and how Thomas Hariot compared the religion of the Roanoaks and the other Algonquin people in neighboring villages to his own.  This fascinating installment in the ROANOAK SERIES – “ROANOAK MUSIC AND RELIGION” will be available in 2008.  Watch for it!!  You will be amazed.


"ROANOAK HOUSEKEEPING" -  “A DAY AT ROANOAK” presents a brief glimpse into the village life of the Roanoaks just before the English explorers arrived that day in August 1584.  But there is so much more to know.  In the upcoming installment in the Roanoak Series, “ROANOAK HOUSEKEEPING”, you will learn just how they made that large water carrier from a plain gourd, and what other items they made from gourds.  Find out about their manner of eating, and see what other foods they ate, their many forms of bowls, utensils, and tools, like that hoe, do you know how it was made?  You will see their ornamentations, not only on their clothes, but their jewelry as well.  You’ll see their toys, how they cut down trees, their gardening, how they made their houses, the complete method of starting fires, and as they made their pottery, just how and why they put a design on the outside of their pots.  You will see all this and much more in the fascinating installment in the ROANOAK SERIES – “ROANOAK HOUSEKEEPING”, coming in 2008.

L. Douglas Waldorf is the author of the books, Teachings of Jesus Christ, Beyond the End of Your Nose, and Adventure at Roanoak.  (Both Teaching of Jesus Christ, Beyond the End of Your Nose, and Adventure at Roanoak will be available from Mark 4:22 Productions & Publications, Inc. soon.)
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