Testimonials from viewers of
the live Firesides of
The Legend of the White God
in Virginia and Other Histories

Thousands of people nationwide have been spiritually uplifted by the Fireside lectures of L. Douglas Waldorf on The Legend of the White God in Virginia and Other Histories.


A woman from Silver Springs, Maryland said that her husband had worn out countless pairs of missionaries, but would still not join the church. After attending one of Brother L Douglas Waldorf's Fireside lectures, he said, "it all just came together" and he wanted to be baptized.

A woman from Jonesboro, Georgia, after receiving her endowment in the Atlanta Georgia Temple, left a note to "please tell Brother Doug Waldorf that I joined the church after hearing him speak at that fireside".

Following a Fireside lecture once, as people were shaking hands and making comments, a sister missionary of Navajo ancestry couldn't say anything so she just put her arms around Brother Doug Waldorf and cried.

One evening after a Fireside on The Legend of the White God in Virginia and Other Histories in Tremonton, Utah, a native-American brother waited until almost everyone else had gone. He approached Brother Doug Waldorf and said, "Now I know why I was prompted to come here tonight. When I heard about this fireside, my first thought was of some white man spreading a lot of garbage about Indians. I have been inactive in the church for years but now I know that I have to get my life in order, do the genealogy for my people and go to the Temple for them. God bless you brother".

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"For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested;
neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad." 
Mark 4:22
(King James Version)

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