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The story of how the English explorers were welcomed to the Village of Roanoak by the wife of Chief Granganameo in that day in August 1584, featuring exhibits from the reconstructed ROANOAK INDIAN VILLAGE at ROANOAK ISLAND HISTORICAL PARK near Manteo, NC from 1971 to 1978, and the journal entries of Captain Arthur Barlowe and Thomas Hariot as published by Captain John Smith in London in 1624. Captain Barlowe described the Roanoaks as the most kind and loving people in the world. Find out way. What were the Englishmen fed and what food items began at Roanoak that you partake of today? See what a typical day in the village was like for the native people, and how graciously they welcomed their friends into their village that hot August evening. You will see how the Englishmen were received, how they got from their long boat to dry land without getting wet, and what happened at the end of the day that left the people of Roanoak crying all night in the rain. This day at Roanoak is recorded in the journals of these English explorers as published in the general history of Virginia by Captian John Smith in 1624. "A DAY AT ROANOAK" is the first in the new Roanoak Series from Mark 4:22 Productions & Publications, Inc. Color*29 minutes *This production is not a product of Native Americans.*

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